The thousandth rail freight car was repaired by the car-repair shed “Ahrehatbud”, which is affiliated to Aurum Group. Current and overhaul repair and roundhouse servicing of gondola cars are carried out for the companies “Lemtrans” and “Metinvest Shipping”.

Railcar owners are forced to turn to the private car-repair sheds because of long railcar repair time provided by the car-repair shed of “Ukrzaliznytsia”, which is due to the lack of professional staff and the lack of the necessary components and parts. Prompt and high-quality repairs ensure an increase in orders, notes Andrii Zhariy, the CEO of Aurum Group.

Car-repair shed employees, apart from providing repair services, mastered the production of a number of components for the needs of car building, as well as for enterprises of the mining industry of Ukraine.

“So far, the level of localization of gondola production in Ukraine is very high, about 98%. We, in our turn, also strive to expand the range of components by using production facilities of Aurum Group so that to fulfil our internal production needs. Thus, the production of three dozen different parts, which are used for the construction of gondola cars, has already been mastered on the basis of “Ahrehatbud”,” underlines Andrii Zhariy, CEO of Aurum Group.

The car-repair shed also supplies the mining industry of Ukraine with parts, large bearings and other components for the repair of in-plant dump cars of the type 2ВС-105, as well as components for the unloading system of pellet cars.