Since the beginning of 2018, the freight car fleet of Aurum Group has increased by 22% to 509 cars.

As was reported by Andrii Zharii, CEO of Aurum Group.

“Since January of this year, we have significantly increased our own freight car fleet – our rolling stock has grown by 92 new cars, reaching 509 units,” said A. Zharii. The gondola cars were manufactured using production capacities of the group, in particular, at “Diesel Plant” in Kryvyi Rih. Thus, we are forward with our annual plan of investment in rolling stock, approved at the beginning of the year in the amount of 100 million UAH, but we see that there is an opportunity to reach 100 new cars according to the results of the year, therefore we plan to invest more in car building,” stated the CEO of Aurum Group.

According to A. Zharii, the rate of construction of gondola cars taken by the Aurum Group enterprises in 2018, in total exceeds the rates of the previous few years, which is primarily due to the increased shortage of gondola cars at the country market. “Eight thousand cars built by Ukrainian manufacturers this year do not fully cover the needs of shippers. There are accumulated remnants in the warehouses of the mining and processing combined works of the country – about 700 thousand tons of iron ore products, with a standard of 150 thousand tons. As a result, the enterprises could not make export deliveries for hundreds of millions of dollars, which negatively affected not only these manufacturers, but could also lead to losses for the economy of Ukraine as a whole,”stated A. Zharii.

According to the long-term development strategy of Aurum Group, during 2019-2020 the group will continue to increase its own freight car fleet.