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November 6, 2019 / Media about us

Import of used cars from the RUSSIAN FEDERATION after the resolution of the Ukrainian government on the embargo delay increased by four times

The delay until March 1, 2020 of the introduction of an embargo on the import of life-expired freight cars from...
October 28, 2019 / Media about us

Aurum Group’s new car repair shed received Ukrainian Rail Award 2019

According to the results of open voting at the III International Rail Expo exhibition, which was held in Kyiv, Aurum...
September 19, 2019 / Media about us

Aurum Group opens a new car repair shed in Kryvyi Rih

Another car repair shed is opened by Aurum Group at the premises of its business unit “Diesel Plant” in Kryvyi...
August 29, 2019 / Media about us

Private fleet: what makes business buy more cars

The number of private owners of gondola cars has increased from 274 to 340 for seven months As of 1...
June 4, 2019 / Media about us

The 1000th car was repaired for transporation of MMS by “AURUM GROUP”

The largest customers for car repair are “Lemtrans” and “Metinvest Shipping”. The thousandth rail freight car was repaired by the...
June 3, 2019 / Media about us

Aurum Group: demand for railcar repair is growing

The thousandth rail freight car was repaired by the car-repair shed “Ahrehatbud”, which is affiliated to Aurum Group. Current and...
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